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ORIGAMI. The Japanese folding art of transmuting paper into a symbolic representation of life and nature.

Inspired by this art, the Origami fire pit comes from a steel plate, which bends and shapes the forms that generate this multifunction furniture, in a dialogue between matter and object. Its three uses - fire pit, champagne ice bucket, and table - also represent a relationship between the elements of nature and its natural cycle: the metal condenses the water, which nourishes the wood that feeds the fire; this turns into ashes and is incorporated into the earth, which, in turn, generates the metal. This cycle is the basis of Feng Shui, and the furniture works as a cure when applied in the environment.

This minimalist piece of furniture, with pure lines and materials that enhance the sculptural forms, rests smoothly on the floor. The fireplace has a base suspended from the floor and is perfect for outdoor areas, decks, and lawns. When unlit, the champagne ice bucket can be attached to the piece, accommodating 6 to 12 bottles. Moreover, the Cumaru wood top creates a third use and functions as a table, storing the utensils internally and configuring a new atmosphere around the piece.


Measures: 65x37x65cm (WxHxD)

Finishes: weathering (Corten) or carbon steel with matte black high-temperature paint and Cumaru wood.

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